DiscoveryAbruzzo was born from our connection with Abruzzo , its vibes, its treasures and its people.
A visit to Abruzzo it’s not just a holiday, it’s a journey that will fill you with emotions, experiences and sensations thanks to constant close bond to this region.
Land of parks, retreats and villages, Abruzzo is a place that you must discover. Every stone, river or alley reveals and ancient history shaped by passing time and celebrated by its present. Pastures and cultivated fields mark the seasons and the scent of a land rich with intoxicating tradition, the land that captures anyone willing to discover Abruzzo. The color of saffron, the scent of wine and olive oil, the taste of pecorino enclose the secret of the ancient tradition guarded by those who cherish this territory.
By offering you unique experiences with different themes excursions , we will accompany you on Abruzzo discovery journey.
Every day during the summer, from our Montesilvano office start any type of our excursions. Contact us for the daily tour schedule.

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